Audds' Art
Influenced by a youth characterized by more media programming and exposure than any preceding generation, Autumn represents the fresh face of a new wave of thirty-something artists. Skilled with both pencil and brush, she has an uncanny ability to animate her subjects.

Like most artists, Ms. Buddemeier has constantly sketched since pre-school, mostly fantastical creatures like dinosaurs and dragons. She went through a short period after highschool of putting down the pencil because she was led to believe painting was not a suitable career. Autumn still sketches out her ideas in moderate detail, before translating them to oil on canvas.

Buddemeier began painting in earnest in 2006 when she realized she was going to miss her father’s birthday party, the first family celebration she was unable to attend. She wanted to do a tongue-in-cheek portrait of her father and felt fuzzy bunnies would serve as the opposite of his personality. From there she went on to do similarly themed little scenarios of all her family members. This humorous approach to sometimes difficult cultural phenomena continues to be a signature of all her work, regardless of surface level or apparent theme.

Autumn Buddemeier still employs the crisp well defined lines of her earlier work with clean, pronounced details, a reflection of the child’s-mind scale of “nasty sharp teeth.”